H-Y-H Corporation

H-Y-H Corporation, the development arm of Cypress Grove Companies is dedicated to the vision of developing high-quality, mixed-use, planned communities that meet the growing needs and sophistication of California’s population.  HYH’s success is attributed to thorough planning and award-winning designs that are responsive to the demand for a quality environment, community identity and upscale amentities.  Its market presence is continuously expanding in response to the demand for upper-end communities and housing throughout the state of California and beyond.

Our Capabilities:

Site Selection — Identifying and selecting a site that is highly suitable for successfully developing a high-quality community is the first critical step in the development process. We first carefully evaluate all local and regional market conditions. The site suitability study that follows includes environmental assessment and feasibility studies to select superior sites for planned communities. Market strength, site opportunities, infrastructure availability, and environmental and regulatory conditions are taken into account in the selection process. The acquisition of a site takes place through careful negotiations with the landowners, property appraisals and advantageous financing.

Planning — Our particular expertise is in planning large-scale residential and mixed-use projects. Our professional in-house planning staff utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to create site plans that thoroughly address all physical, socio-economic, financial, public policy and aesthetic factors that affect project design. Our communities are planned with careful attention to the needs and activities of its future residents.  Ample open spaces, parks, bicycle paths, jogging tracks, tot lots, ponds and golf courses are created as amenities within the communities.  The planning of a large site focuses upon the creation of neighborhoods and a strong sense of community identity that provides a viable physical and social environment. Our successful project planning involves close communication with governmental agencies that provide project approvals and permits. Project approval is attained through negotiating with public officials and presentations to local commissions, boards and councils.  Required mitigations and conditions are integrated into the project through this process, and entitlements are secured.

Design & Engineering — Our computer aided design (CAD) capabilities and expertise allow us to take approved development plans through to finished housing designs, facility plans and final subdivision map quickly and efficiently.  With the participation of renowned architectural and civil engineering firms, HYH promotes an integrated design program that uses a common CAD database. Our project managers use this technology to monitor the ongoing design activities and to ensure compatibilities in all aspects of the design process. Construction drawings are then prepared that build upon the designs within the CAD system. This system also has the capability of providing three-dimensional images of the final development project and housing plans to prospective buyers and other interested parties.

Building — HYH and our affiliate, Cypress Grove Construction Company, prepare the project sites for construction and build the homes. Proficient project management teams with years of experience in the construction business oversee the building process.  Computerized cost estimating, value engineering, bid/job cost analysis and scheduling assist the project manager in maintaining project budgets and schedules while building high-quality projects. The integrated software systems used for project management provide for continuous maintenance and control of all aspects of the site construction program. On-site job superintendents ensure that a high level of quality control is maintained. The result of our capabilities in these areas is the ability to build and market high-quality homes in attractive settings at highly competitive prices.

Financial — Financing is a critical component of every development project we build. We maintain a srong, reliable financial network with institutions in California, the East Coast and Europe. This capability allows us to regularly obtain advantageous financing for site preparation, home construction and home purchase. This financial support network facilitates competitive pricing and an efficient construction program.

Marketing — Our marketing program is based upon our strong track record in quality home construction, market research on buyer profiles, multi-media exposure to prospective buyers, presentation of attractively designed and furnished models in a landscaped setting, aggressive merchandising and a full range of supporting real estate services. Our distinguished quality assurance program is designed to provide the utmost satisfaction for buyers of our new homes. In addition, we provide warranties on our new homes to further enhance buyer protection and satisfactions.

Share HYH’s vision and success with our team of professionals who are dedicated to quality construction, responsive planning and cooperative effort in developing acclaimed planned communities.